Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Still from Below Zero
Kitchener-born and Toronto-based Actress Kristin Booth has built a career on unconventional choices, whether it be her Gemini Award-winning work in 2007's controversial Young People Fucking or her turn on TV Series ReGenesis, establishing herself as one of Canada’s most daring talents.

Booth, who just became a Mother four weeks ago to Daughter Finlay isn’t skipping a beat, now getting her first taste of what it’s like balancing life as an Actress and a Mom. Now living in Toronto for the next foreseeable while, she sat down and chat with me over the phone about her Psychological Thriller/Horror Below Zero, which premieres in Toronto this week at the Canadian Film Fest.  The Film centers around a Writer whom after experiencing Writer's Block decides to go into isolation inside a Meat Cooler, crafting a horrific tale which dangerously comes close to life the more the temperatures drop.

“This really is my first foray back to work so far, so I’m just getting to see what it’s like to juggle my new role as a Mom with my Career”, says Booth. In addition to being a Wife to Screenwriter Husband Tim Ware and Mom to Finlay, the bubbly Blonde tells me that her Chihuahua has impressed her by adjusting to the shared spotlight at home with this their newest Family addition.

Promoting Alberta-filmed Below Zero to an audience in her Hometown is something that means a lot to the Actress.   She tells me, “I’m a huge supporter of Canadian talent and love to be here in Toronto supporting our industry.".   And she's got the numbers to prove it.  The Actress has not one, but two Films at the Festival this year - the other being Cloudburst, a Drama headlined by Olympia Dukakis about a Lesbian Couple who pick-up a Male Hitchhiker.  Reflecting upon her own influences as a true blue Canadian Actress, she sings the praises of Actress/Director Helen Shaver (The Color of Money). “I can’t wait to work with her one day and like her, I would love to direct. She’s my Role Model.”. 

On what drew her to Below Zero, Booth admits to being drawn inexplicably to Thrillers and Horrors laughing, "The worse they are, the better they are to watch!".  Unable to resist a good challenge, she tackles two roles here as Penny and Paige, but getting to work with Terminator 2: Judgement Day Star Edward Furlong (whom we spotted here in Toronto earlier this month), might've been what sealed the deal for her.

“I admit it was a big draw getting to work with Ed”, she says. One however, should always be careful just what they wish for.  Booth goes on to tell me sans embellishment, “The Producers are going to kill me, but I’d describe the experience of working with him as ‘hideous’. He was struggling physically and mentally and didn’t want to be there.".  "I know it's  terrible, but I’m just being honest. He didn't read the Script and often I was learning his lines for him.", she recalls.  Regardless, Booth has nothing but praise for the Film, feeling wholeheartedly that it is entertaining stating diplomatically, "Ed's performance actually is quite good and I credit the Editors for doing an exceptional job.".

Booth currently has two projects on-the-go including another from one of Below Zero's Producers, titled Breakdown Lane.  The Zombie/Apocalypse film sees her starring as a Woman stuck on the Highway in the middle of the Desert with - get this - her only lifeline being the Onstar Guy.  In addition to this, she is raising funds actively for a Comedy titled Sex After Kids which she chuckles, is "self-explanatory".   Click here to learn more about it and donate.

The Canadian Film Fest Premieres for Cloudburst (Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 8:00 PM) and Below Zero (Thursday, March 29, 2012 at 9:00 PM) will be taking place at The Royal.  Click here for more information on Films, Schedule and Tickets.

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(Photo credit: Twilight Pictures, Inc.)