Sunday, March 11, 2012


Ashley Judd in Toronto - March 2012
Activist/Author/Actress Ashley Judd might be known best for some major Box Office successes like 1997's Kiss the Girls and 1999's Double Jeopardy, but after a hiatus which saw her earning a Master's Degree in Public Administration at Harvard University in 2010, she now is ready to step back into the spotlight.  

Arriving in Toronto from Nashville this evening, Judd is ready to embark on a Press Tour in support of her new ABC Series Missing, which sees her starring as a former CIA Agent on-the-hunt for her missing Son after he disappears while on an internship in Rome.  Each of its ten episodes sees her in a different City, uncovering details of the Mystery.

With her Cock-a-Poo Shug and luggage in-tow, a casual and fresh-faced Judd was greeted by a Handler, with two Photographers looking to snap shots of her in this her first promotional visit to Toronto in a while.  She has visited the City on previous occasions along with her Husband Dario Franchitti, who was victorious in the 2011 Honda Indy last Summer.  

Being a great Fan of Judd's (adored her in De-Lovely, Frida and Someone Like You!), I asked for a Photo and/or possibly a personalization on a Photo after an extensive wait for flights from Los Angeles and my last hope being one flight from Nashville, finally she appeared.  Unfortunately though, she had replied in what I had interpreted as a shout, although she clarified to me later that she was "setting boundaries" by calling out "No!", before heading into her Suburban. Onlookers asked me why she was so upset and even I was baffled at her response as it's rare to be met with that stern a reaction, especially when well-meaning.

Ashley Judd: Global Ambassador of YouthAIDS, Supporter of Women for Women International and Equality Now; Shouter at Fan Setter of Boundaries.  She snapped and hence, I snapped.  A Photo or two of her, that is.

Missing premieres this Thursday on CTV at 8:00 PM ESTClick here to read more about it.

UPDATE: Judd clarified that she prefers to interact with Fans at appropriate venues - which does not include Airports - and is delighted to sign an Autograph c/o: WKTA PR · 9350 Wilshire Blvd., # 450 · Beverly Hills CA 90212.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)