Sunday, February 19, 2012


Maya Rudolph on SNL
The hilarious Maya Rudolph returned back to the same show in which she first gained popularity last night, Saturday Night Live between 1999 and 2007. The Funnywoman played Host, appearing first doing a Disco number joking about all the Men behind-the-scenes at SNL she's slept with over the years.  She promises not to name names, but then gives an overt wink every time she walks by one of her Co-stars.  Justin Timberlake, Paul Simon and Amy Poehler even dropped by to make quick appearances!

Rudolph brought the house down with a pre-taped Sketch titled The Maya Angelou Prank Show, which has her playing the famous Writer, going about pranking her peers a la Punk'd and Betty White's Off their Rockers - all were forgiving of her and more honoured than anything.  Outright hilarity!  

Watch it all below:

Another highlight was a Cosby Obama Show Sketch which had her impersonating Michelle Obama in her efforts to help America tackle Obesity, in the same vein as The Cosby ShowMichelle walks-in on the President eating a Hoagie loaded with Salami and Potato Chips, before he plays it off that the Sandwich actually isn't for him.  It all ends with them snacking on Rice Cakes.  Too much.

Watch the Sketch below:

Of course, Rudolph didn't do her famous Whitney Houston impression last night, mindful of the regretful timing especially with that Diva's Funeral taking place earlier in the day in New Jersey.

But just for old time's sake, here it is below. Even Whitney would have a chuckle!:

If you're in Canada, you likely won't be able to watch the above clips.  Global Television has the Clips here in full.

(Photo/video credit: NBC)