Sunday, February 5, 2012


Kelly Rowan & Kelly Rutherford in Toronto - February 2012
Taking a quick break from filming Gossip Girl, which just celebrated its 100th episode, Actress Kelly Rutherford spent her weekend in Toronto doing a bit of shopping on Bloor Street yesterday and it would even appear that she has found herself a favourite Coffee spot in our City!  

Rutherford took to Twitter to espresso her love for Thor, situated just south of the Thompson Hotel.  She Tweeted, "In Toronto... Best coffee at Thor! Yum!". On that note, Rutherford also had Dinner last night with her good Friend - another famous Kelly, of the Rowan variety. Rowan, known best for her work on The O.C., happens to be engaged to the 16th richest Man in the World and richest in Canada, David Thomson.  No relation to the Hotel, of course.

Rutherford currently resides in New York City, last visiting Toronto back in May for an appearance on The Marilyn Denis Show.

(Photo credit: Kelly Rutherford)