Saturday, February 4, 2012


Official Pinterest Logo
The word on everyone's fingertips of late is Pinterest.  After hearing about it online repeatedly, I finally decided to sign-up for an account, but alas was heartbroken to hear that there actually is a waiting list to become a member.  Putting it aside for a few days, I was thrilled finally to receive my official invite yesterday to the online Pinboard.  Not really getting it at first, I got the hang of it after studying others' Pinboards and before I knew it, I was up til 5:30 AM uploading Pins, which essentially are photos of things you love.   I know, just what we all need - another way for us to re-affirm how self-absorbed we really are!

Pinterest if a forum for you to share images of things you love with others, grouped by categories with other users.  If they come across your Pin, they then can Re-pin it to others to see and they might even begin to follow you if they find your interests fascinating enough. Of course, you also can follow others and like their Pins. From there, you develop connections with other users allover the World.  How fun!  It sounds more complicated than it is.

Bottom line, I'm now on Pinterest and would love to connect with you and follow you too.  Visit my Pinboard here!  See you there.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)