Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Still from Smashed
As the Sundance Film Festival approaches the halfway mark over in Park City, the buzz continues to build for some promising Indies. Safety Not Guaranteed in particular is garnering a bit of buzz after some positive reception at its initial Screening. The Sci-Fi Comedy centers around two employees at a Magazine (played by Jake M. Johnson and Aubrey Plaza), whom both go on an all-out search to find a Man who placed a whacky ad for Time Travel in the Classifieds. New York Magazine reports "...expect a lucrative sale for this one, which has tons of mainstream breakout potential". 

Mary Elizabeth Winstead who has been long overdue for a breakthrough, is getting lots of praise for her portrayal as an alcoholic Mother on the brink of changing her ways in Smashed - not to be confused in any way with the NBC Musical Series Smash, starring Katharine McPhee and Debra Messing ... although the latter's Will & Grace Co-star Megan Mullally does make an appearance in the Film. Meanwhile Winstead's Husband, played by Aaron Paul, makes a turn for the worse.  Slash Film already is calling the Drama a "must-see". Crossing fingers we see this one surface at TIFF!

(Photo credit: Super Crispy Entertainment)