Monday, January 23, 2012


Still from Red Lights
Filmed partly in Toronto, Director Rodrigo Cortés' Red Lights is getting a fair amount of positive buzz out of the Sundance Film Festival.  Described as "campy" and "over-the-top" by New York Magazine, the Thriller starring Sigourney Weaver, Elizabeth Olsen, Cillian Murphy and Robert DeNiro is about a Psychologist and her Assistant who study Paranormal Activity, being led to a world-renowned Psychic in Barcelona.  Alliance Films has picked-up this one, although there still isn't a set release date.  Will we be seeing this one at TIFF this September?

Richard Gere is no stranger to covering-up a secret or two. In 2002's Chicago, he played Billy Flynn - a top Lawyer hired to defend to Murderesses and also that year he starred in Unfaithful as a Husband who murders his Wife's Lover, rolling him up in a rug and throwing him in garbage dump.  Gere is gaining a ton of buzz at Sundance so far with his latest Drama, Arbitrage, which has him not only concealing his some financial wrong-doings at work, but also the death of his Mistress.  Juicy.  The New York Post also is raving that this juts might be the Actor's best performance ever.

Frank Langella and James Marsden star in Robot and Frank, a futuristic Comedy about and aged former-Jewel Thief whose Son employs a Robot to spend time with him.  New York Magazine already is calling the Film a "gem".

UPDATE: Abritrage was sold to Lionsgate Films and Roadside Attractions on January 25, 2012 for a reported $2.5 million. This might mean that Alliance Films will be distributing in Canada, seeing that they acquired Maple Pictures last year, which had a direct deal with Lionsgate.

(Photo credit: Nostromo Pictures)