Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Mideastro's Red Snapper
One of Yorkville's hidden gems is tucked away from the manic areas we see in September during the Toronto International Film Festival, but that might be changing soon come Summertime when the Four Seasons Hotel launches on Yorkville Avenue. Directly adjacent from that Hotel is Mideastro, an exciting fusion of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine brought to us by Entrepreneur Leon Goldstein - Israeli by blood, raised South African. The spacious, yet intimate Eatery offers a tantalizing selection by Executive Chef, Benny Cohen.  Born in Israel to French-Moroccan Parents and trained in Tel Aviv, Cohen moved to Canada three years back, joining Mideastro at their Vaughan location a year ago.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a Media Tasting earlier this evening and was wowed by some of the exquisitely complex combinations of flavours, unlike anything I've tasted before. Cohen breathes new life into some familiar dishes like Kufta (Beef and Lamb shaped into Cigar-shaped Cylinders), Grilled Calamari, Beef Carpaccio or simply Red Snapper with inspired spices, herbs, sauces and reductions which make them taste brand new.

Benny Cohen & Leon Goldstein
Among my favourites on the Menu are Lahma Ba’ajin (Flatbread topped with Ground Lamb, Chickpeas and Tomatoes with Sheep Yoghurt Tahina Sauce); a hearty Moroccan Lamb Soup (Tomato-based); Lamb & Beef Grilled Kufta (sitting in a Tomato and Eggplant Stew and topped with a thin Focaccia); the delightful meaty Red Snapper (on an Arisa/Sundried Pepper Risotto bed); and of course, the impeccable Black Truffle Carpaccio (Arugula rolled in 12-week aged Wagyu Beef, Parmigiano Reggiano, Balsamic Vinegar and Black Truffle Oil on a layer of Pomegranate Honey Reduction).

The deliciousness doesn't just stop at Main Courses.  Desserts equally are exciting, including a must-try Nutella Parfait (frozen Nutella Cream complete with Caramelized Bananas, Pecan Brittle and a Tuile Cookie).

Mideastro is located at 27 Yorkville Avenue, just west of Yonge Street. Visit their Website here. A Brunch Selection is slated for February and Vegetarian options are available.

See more offerings on Mideastro's Menu below:
Watermelon and Lime Granita
Grilled Calamari (L), Black Truffle Carpaccio (R)
Badali Eggplant (L), Lahma Ba’ajin (R)
Moroccan Lamb Soup
Lamb & Beef Grilled Kufta
Nutella Parfait (L), Fig Kataiv (R)

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)