Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Melon the Sloth & Kristen Bell
EPIC! I cannot stop watching this Clip as I am overcome with happiness for Actress Kristen Bell, who recently on her 31st Birthday had her lifelong wish come true of interacting with a Sloth. Her Husband Dax Shepard surprised her, she tells Ellen DeGeneres. "My entire life I had been waiting to interact with a Sloth", she reveals.  Being the emotional type, Bell says "I'm crying if I'm too sad, I'm crying if I'm happy".

As it turned out, Melon the Sloth stayed for Bell's entire Birthday Party in her a cage, playing in her own jungle gym.  How amaze.  Love them Sloths!

Watch the hilarious Video below:

(Photo/video credit: Warner Bros. Television)