Thursday, January 5, 2012


Emma Stone in The Amazing Spider-Man
It's good to see she still knows how to have fun! As reported by Deadline, red-hot Emma Stone has just signed-on to star in Little White Corvette, snatching yet another role right out of Lindsay Lohan's hands. The Brother/Sister Comedy which is scheduled to begin filming this Summer, will be in theatres for mid-2013.  Its premise surrounds a pair of siblings who venture to Miami to sell-off a million dollar stash of Cocaine they discover in their late Father's CorvetteLittle "White" Corvette... get it?

2012 will be another big year for Stone with the July 3, 2012 release of Sony Pictures' The Amazing Spider-Man and also the October 12, 2012 release of Warner Bros.' Gangster Squad, teaming-up once again with Crazy.Stupid.Love Co-star Ryan Gosling and also, Sean Penn.

(Photo credit: Sony Pictures)