Sunday, January 29, 2012


Official Artwork for Dirty Girl
One pitfall of screening Movies during the week is that sometimes the screening times conflict and that was the case with Dirty Girl, which until now I never got to see!  I am absolutely in love with Juno Temple after seeing this Comedy from Director/Writer Abe Sylvia.  She is pretty much the Girl in High School I wish I was BFFs with!  Heart-felt and hilarious - mostly hilarious - Dirty Girl is daring, honest and uplifting.  Please do yourself a favour and rent, video-on-demand or even own it! Amaze.

Dirty Girl is the story of Danielle (Juno Temple), the dirty girl of Norman High School in Norman, Oklahoma, circa 1987. When Danielle’s misbehavior gets her banished to a remedial class, she is paired on a parenting project with Clarke (Jeremy Dozier), an innocent closet-case with no friends.  Danielle is determined to get to California to find the father she’s never met, and Clarke is desperate to escape being sent to military school by his homophobic Dad (Dwight Yoakam).  Together, the mismatched misfits light out for California, and discover each other and themselves through a funny and serendipitous friendship.

Alliance Films releases Dirty Girl on DVD, now in-stores.

(Photo credit: Alliance Films)