Friday, January 6, 2012


Adele in Toronto - March 2011
CNN reveals a bit of interesting news on Digital Music Sales versus Physical Music Sales based on a Billboard/Nielsen Report conducted recently.  For the first time ever, Digital Music is outselling actual Physical Music, with the former increasing 8.4% from the previous year and the latter declining 5%.  In fact, Digital Music accounts for 50.3% of all Music sold in the U.S.

Adele came out on-top in 2011 accounting for Best Selling Artist, Album and Digital Song by a landslide, besting Lady Gaga and Canada's own Michael Bublé who ranked in second despite his Album being released only in November.  Katy Perry however, beat Adele as Best Selling Digital Artist with 15.1 million units sold.

For those curious, these are your Top Ten Selling Albums of 2011:
1. 21/ Adele 5,824,000
2. Christmas/ Michael Bublé 2,452,000
3. Born This Way/ Lady Gaga 2,101,000
4. Tha Carter IV/ Lil' Wayne 1,917,000
5. My Kinda Party/ Jason Aldean 1,576,000
6. Sigh No More/ Mumford & Sons 1,420,000
7. Take Care/ Drake 1,247,000
8. Under The Mistletoe/ Justin Bieber 1,245,000
9. Watch The Throne/ Jay-Z & Kanye West 1,232,000
10. Own The Night/ Lady Antebellum 1,204,000 

Interestingly, the Glee Cast fared v. well digitally selling 13.58 million units, even without a top-selling Album and the same applies to Rihanna with 13.9 million units sold in 2011.  Noticeably absent also is Coldplay and their Mylo Xyloto Album which sold over 447,000 copies in its first week, one of the best-selling weeks for an Album last year.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)