Sunday, December 18, 2011


Still from When Christmas Comes (ft. John Legend)
Mariah Carey, Queen of Everything and all things Christmas! Carey just digitally released this Duet Version featuring, of When Christmas Comes (ft. John Legend) originally from her phenomenal Holiday Disc Merry Christmas II You. Shot pretty much like an Instagram Photo on an iPhone with tons of fun retro effects, this festive Ditty puts me in the Holiday Spirit.

For a moment there I had to do a Double-take when somewhere between the quick flashes of Carey's lovely Jenny Craig-slimmed Physique, Snoopy and Children playing, I noticed her snuggling with a Man in Santa Hat. "Is that John Legend?", I thought. "What would Her Husband think??". But alas, my clicking Pause revealed that indeed that is Carey's Husband Nick Cannon. All is well. Marriage in-tact!  Phew.

Watch the Video for When Christmas Comes (ft. John Legend) below:

Order When Christmas Comes (ft. John Legend) on iTunes here.

(Photo/video credit: Universal Music)