Thursday, December 22, 2011


Still from Bel Ami
"The most important people in Paris are not the Men, but their Wives".

This latest version of the Trailer for Sony Pictures' long-delayed Bel Ami has surfaced and the Period Drama stars none other than Robert Pattinson as an ex-Soldier named Georges Duroy who climbs the social ranks through charming and seducing some of the most influencial, aristocratic women in Paris: Clotide (Christina Ricci), Madeleine (Uma Thurman) and Virginie (Kristin Scott Thomas).

Lots of spiciness going on this Trailer, I must say... and what would Kristen (Stewart) think of these steamy bits with Kristin (Scott Thomas)?

Although it will be released in some markets in Europe as early as March 2, 2012, a North American release date has not been confirmed still.

Watch the Trailer in full below:
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(Photo/video credit: Sony Pictures)