Saturday, December 10, 2011


Lisa D'Amato
Never ever give up. Lisa D'Amato originally from Cycle Five of America's Next Top Model has been named Winner of America's Next Top Model All-stars, which brought together popular Contestants from past seasons of the Series. The Actress/Model/Singer who openly has admitted battling Addiction issues, appearing on Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew in 2009, rose above the Competition with her spirited Finesse.

D'Amato who actually shares the same birthday as me (!) - October 22nd - is now 31 years-old and with her Victory won a Spread in Vogue Italia, a $100,000 (US) contract with CoverGirl Cosmetics and a Campaign for Fashion Retailer Express. With aspirations in Music, she hopes to tie her forthcoming CD together with the wave of interest in winning the Reality Series.

My personal Favourite Allison Harvard, was First Runner-up in the Competition after consistently impressing Photographers and Judges throughout the Cycle with her emotive and large distinctive eyes.

There was a bit of controversy involved in deliberations this Cycle with Angelea Preston having been disqualified late, following the Final Runway Challenge in Crete, Greece, for unknown reasons.  Nonetheless, she was pleased at the Publicity she received with her name Trending on Twitter Worldwide during the airing of Wednesday night's Finale.  Preston typed, "OMG!!!! IM TRENDING WORLDWIDE on twitter right now!!!!!!!!!! Wowwwww!! That's the whole world!! Lol! #humbled!! Thanks y'all!!! #LOVE".  Some are alleging that she had leaked results of the Show online, with Producers catching wind of this, then resulting in her Disqualification.

(Photo credit: CW)