Thursday, November 24, 2011


Chad Kroeger & Mr. Will-W.
With all the controversy surrounding Nickelback of late and the release of their new Disc Here and Now from Universal Music Canada, it is my responsibility as a patriotic Canadian to defend them in a time when support for them north and south of the Border, is dwindling. Slated to play during Halftime for the Detroit Lions at Ford Field earlier today (U.S. Thanksgiving Day), Football Fans tried thwarting a move to have the 50-million album selling Canadian Rock outfit perform at the Game.  A Petition was generated and over 55k digital signatures were gathered.  Despite the protests, they still went ahead and rolled through their three-minute Performance. And there's nothing the Haters could do about it.

The Band also launched an initiative for today's performance called Nickelback Gives a Quarter Back, which had them donating a quarter for each person who pledges to be a Tutor or a Reader for the United Way. And still people had the audacity to jeer one of Canada's most accomplished Musical Exports.  Coincidentally, Here and Now is projected to sell a quarter of a million copies in its debut.

Judge for yourself how they performed new Single We Stand Together:

I caught-up today with Lead Vocalist Chad Kroeger - now sporting a better-suited look chopping-off his long locks - as he headed to an Interview today via a hidden entrance.  He just flew into Toronto this afternoon from Detroit to begin Press for Here and Now.  Despite being a bit late he told me, "I always make time for my Fans.  There's nothing more important".  Just for me, he slowed down his entire Entourage which included Handlers, Label Reps, a Security Guard and a Female Friend.  Kroeger perfectly is a fine Gentleman.  I don't understand the Backlash - I really don't.

Whether or not you like Nickelback's Music is one thing, but do not deny them the Legacy they have created for themselves, further paving the way for Canadian Musicians on a global scale.  True, some of their Tracks do sound similar, but isn't Bon Jovi still selling-out Arenas?  I'm almost certain Mashups could be made of U2 and Coldplay's own respective songs also. And who doesn't at least know how to hum the Choruses to Nickelback songs like How You Remind Me, Photograph and Too Bad?  That in itself is a feat for a Smalltown Band from Hanna, Alberta.

Thus, on this U.S. Thanksgiving Day, I give thanks to Nickelback for what they have done for Canadians.  Go ahead, judge me.

Order Here and Now on iTunes here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. | Video credit: FOX)