Thursday, November 10, 2011


Still from The Muppets
Why the heck not? With Rush Hour Director Brett Ratner and Actor/Comedian Eddie Murphy no longer in-contention to host the 84th Academy Awards, there is much speculation whom should host the prestigious Hollywood Ceremony on February 26, 2012

Coming out of nowhere into the Race now are The Muppets. IndieWire currently are hosting a Poll on whom should host the Event next year and the iconic and lovable Puppets currently are a clear, decisive Leader in the Poll.  If you want to see The Muppets host the Oscars, you can vote at IndieWire and also help them trend on Twitter with the Hashtag #muppetsoscars and follow them @MuppetOscars.

And while they're at it, wouldn't it be brilliant if they got a little help from Sesame Street Buddy Oscar the Grouch to hand-out an actual Oscar?

Click here to vote.

The Muppets hosting the Oscars wouldn't be the first time an Oscar Contender hosted the Event the same year they were in-contention. Earlier this year James Franco was nominated for Best Actor for his work in 127 Hours and also hosted the Oscars alongside Anne Hathaway.  And surely The Muppets can top that performance as Host easily.  Just sayin'...

The Muppets hit theatres on November 23, 2011.

UPDATE: Billy Crystal for an eighth time will be hosting the 84th Academy Awards.  Oh well, we tried!

(Photo credit: Walt Disney Motion Pictures)