Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Still from The Muppets
The long-awaited return to the Big Screen for The Muppets is finally before us. This latest Revival from Flight of the Conchords Director James Bobin, centers around three Muppets Fans who visit Hollywood in search of their Idols only to learn of wealthy Tycoon Tex's (Chris Cooper) plans to destroy the historic Muppets Theater in order to access an Oil Reserve beneath it. Gary (Segel), Mary (Amy Adams) and Walter (voiced by Peter Linz) convince Kermit to gather The Muppets once again after many years apart, for a Reunion to raise $10 million in an effort to save the Theater from its demise.

Like many other Children, I grew-up with work of Jim Henson, hence particularly I have been excited about this Film, but does it deliver?  By all means Bobin crafts a movie-going experience which at once is highly fun and also heartfelt.  Kermit the Frog voiced by Puppeteer Steve Whitmire, is the perfect Underdog Hero, lovable in his Self-Doubt as he gathers the troops one more time for a Reunion and ultimately he hopes to win-back Miss Piggy's (voiced by Eric Jacobson) over-dramatic heart.

Segel who serves triple-duty as Executive Producer/Writer and Actor truly is a Talent, singing and dancing his way to our affections as the Boyfriend of Mary and also Big Brother of adorable Muppets Fan Extraordinaire Walter (voiced by Peter Linz). We feel Gary's genuine struggle to decide whether he is a Muppet or the Man who Mary wants him to be, as he gets pulled in different directions.  Adams in her incessant pleas for a bit of undivided attention from her Gary is endearing, proving again with her performance why she is at the top of Actresses in her Generation.  Not many Actresses can get away with pulling-off Mary so ably.

The Muppets truly is something for everyone, entertaining Kids with its infectious Melodies and also as a colourful Spectacle.   At once, Adults equally find amusement in its awareness of its own over-the-top tendencies.  And if the abundance of familiar-faced Cameos from the likes of Feist, Selena Gomez, Neil Patrick Harris, Jim Parsons, Emily Blunt, Ken Jeong, Whoopi Goldberg, Sarah Silverman, Zach Galifianakis and Jack Black aren't enough to make you smile, wait til you see a maniacal Cooper wow you with his Rapping and Singing abilities.

Are The Muppets still relevant enough to draw a Crowd to the Movies?   Their spirit of Unity and Cheer still is needed as much today as it ever was.  A legitimate Oscar Contender. Walt Disney Motion Pictures releases The Muppets on November 23, 2011.

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  1. I must agree on almost everything said, though I don't really believe that kids are going to enjoy this unless their parents have shown them lots of Muppet material.

    Saw it a screening during the weekend where there were lots of kids, and I didn't hear them laugh at all, and the ones around me were just staying put looking at this wonderful film I (a nostalgic fan) loved.

    Hope it does great anyway: the music is Oscar worthy.

    Loved Leslie Feist's cameo too!