Friday, November 25, 2011


Michael Fassbender on MTV Afterhours
A Reader sent me this over and after trying to check it out on MTV U.S.' Website, I realized we can't view this in Canada due to regional restrictions.  Some Fans were kind enough to upload it to Chinese site TuDou for all of us to enjoy.  Yay!

Michael Fassbender, currently promoting his big Oscar vehicle SHAME, appeared recently on MTV Afterhours with Josh Horowitz.  Throwing Fassbender completely off-guard, Horowitz challenges him to a Guessing Game like you've never seen before.  

Hint: it has to do with Fassbender's "big reveal" in the SHAME. A true test of his self-confidence, Fassbender handles himself gracefully and is a great sport about it all!

Click here to watch the hilarious Clip.

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(Photo credit: MTV)