Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Fusia Dog's Peking Duck Quesadilla
Although upscale Hot Dogs have been available in Vancouver for a while now, Torontonians have long been content with our own famous Hot Dog Carts situated on some of our busier street corners.

Popular and published Chef Dinah Koo's latest venture Fusia Dog has been around for just-over a month now and it offers a delicious option to those of you who want something more and want it fast. The Reviews are pouring in and its unanimous that palettes are excited. If you know the Yorkville area, you might have at one point seen or visited Koo's Takeaway Eatery Dinah's Cupboard on Cumberland Avenue.

Fusia Dog is a small space with few seats available intended for in-and-out Customers. They offer a few enticing selections like their signature Fusia Dog, a Hot Dog blanketed in a crispy Indian Flatbread with a tour of Asian tastes including Kimchi (Korean Pickled Cabbage), Daikon Radish & Carrot Salad and Wasabi Mayo. The combination of flavours are exotic; the texture is delightfully crunchy with a bit of bounce. Not for everyone, but it can quickly become an acquired taste.

Other options include the Chop Suey Dog, mashing together Mixed Fried Vegetables and Hickory Sticks (although I am unsure whether or not these are made on-site seeing that they sell Homemade Chips also) into the Flatbread-wrapped Hot Dog. An excellent way of saying you actually got some Vegetables into your Meal.

The Restaurant offers also a selection of small Side Salads including a Korean-esque Potato Salad which reminds me of Kimchi. They also had a delightfuly tangy Power Slaw which will have you wondering if that neon-green stuff you've been eating with your Toonie Tuesday Combo is in fact legit.

My favourite? The Peking Duck Quesedilla which is the perfect option for those like me who have grown-up loving the delicacy of Peking Duck which can cost upwards of $50 at a proper Chinese Restaurant in this City, without having to order the whole Duck. Trust me, you've never had it done like this with the complexity of flavours and such remarkable crunch. My only complaint is that many of the items price in-and-around the $10 mark and admittedly you might have room for more after you finish.

Located at 65 Duncan Street, just east of the Bell Media (MuchMusic) Building on Queen Street, you now have a place to check-out if you happen to be in the area doing a bit of Stargazing.

Learn more about Fusia Dog here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)