Thursday, November 3, 2011


Aaron Eckhart & Mr. Will-W.
In an intiguing bit of news, the amazing Aaron Eckhart is attached for a new Film called The Drummer, a Biopic about the last six years of The Beach Boys Drummer/Songwriter Dennis Wilson's life prior to his passing away late 1984; he was only 39 years-old.  The Title currently is listed as being in-production.

Wilson often was considered the Dark Horse of the Band and battled Alcohol and Drug Addiction. He drowned to death while recovering items he had thrown overboard at the Marina Del Ray in Los Angeles following a day-long drinking binge.

As an interesting fact, he once was friends with Serial Murderer Charles Manson and at one point they had worked on Music together before their Friendship had dissolved.

The Drummer will be directed by Randall Miller who also co-wrote its Script. International Distribution will be handled  by W2 Media as reported by Variety Magazine, which bought rights for a whopping seven figures. This should be a good one and perhaps will be underrated-Eckhart's long-overdue Plum Role!  Sounds meaty enough.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)