Saturday, October 8, 2011


Pauly Shore & Mr. Will-W.
Those of us who grew-up in the late '80s and early '90s remember well, Funnyman Pauly Shore. CMT which only recently began its foray into Made-for-Television Movies, will be the designated home for Shore's latest project, Whiskey Business which in his words has him "playing a Guido!  The real Pauly Ddddd!", he proclaims on Twitter. E1 Entertainment will be producing and Shore will be in the City over the next month working on the Comedy.

After a night out which saw him dining at King St. hot-spot Buca, followed by some partying at The Hoxton and Dolce, all Shore wanted at 2:00 AM was some Tim Hortons, asking where the nearest location might be.  Unfortunately though, both nearby stores in Entertainment District had closed earlier that evening.  Here's to hoping he gets his fill and then some during his stay here!  Hollywood might have the Celebrities, but we have the Coffee!

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  1. mr willy willy wong wong dont u eva get bored man of meeting those stars i have a feeling they all hate you #stalker