Sunday, October 2, 2011


Brenda & Mr. Will-W.
Every once in a while I reach out and get to know my Readers and find out their itching questions.  A week ago I invited you to submit some questions over about Celebrities, Personal Matters or just Advice.  With TIFF 2011 having come and gone so quickly, I now have a bit of downtime to do this, so let's see what the Mavenati had in store for me...

Kayla asks, “Your job is awesome! How did you get into the blog business?”.
Hi Kayla! I’m not sure if you were aware or not, but I actually have a 9 to 5 job that is supportive and understanding of my outside endeavours. Whenever possible, they give me a bit of flexibility to pursue my dreams and I’m extremely grateful for that. Blogging is my after-6 job, if you can call it that. In all honesty, I feel so much at-home blogging about Celebrities and gathering content that it doesn’t feel really feel like work because I’m so passionate about it.

Mr. Will-W.:Pop Maven launched September 2009 but for several years prior, I was archiving Celebrity Photos from TIFF, Concerts, Appearances, etc, as a true lover of Pop Culture. My Blog has been a mainstay ever since and I take so much pride in knowing that it’s something I crafted and shaped on my own with the help and generosity of others. Thank you for taking notice!

Danielle asks, “How did you become so incredibly adorable?”.
Hi Danielle! Aww, thanks! Definitely, it’s good genes. My Mom is really cute and looks incredibly young for her age. It also doesn’t hurt that I surround myself with things I love and people I love, which keep me happy. My Dog Billy keeps me full of smiles too!

Tom asks, ”Who is the most personable person you have met?”.
Hey Tom! In terms of Musicians, I must say I was impressed with Adele who spent her time chatting with me and she gave me a big hug when we met. I literally saw her eyes well-up when I told her how much her Music meant to me. Being pretty much the biggest thing in Music now, she is incredibly humble and down-to-earth. Katy Perry also is one of those People who doesn’t put on a facade with Fans; she truly is the person we see on-stage and I know for a fact that she really cares about and tries her best for them. This still is the case after all her success.

In terms of Actors, there really are too many to list. Hugh Jackman I’ve met three times and I think he’s just wonderful generally to everyone; I think Bradley Cooper is the same – untainted by his success. I don’t think I’ve met one person who had anything negative to say about Michael Sheen or Colin Farrell either as they’re both v. giving. And despite a misconception that Robert Pattinson is not friendly, I’ve witnessed him time after time being gracious to Fans. Once I saw him spend a good 20+ minutes at 5:30 AM after a day of Filming, signing Autographs and taking Photos with Fans, while Kristen Stewart waited patiently in their Car.

Once I saw the beautiful Thandie Newton get whisked away from Fans by a Handler at TIFF and admired her so much for tell him to back-off, with a look of disappointment on her face.  She turned away, and ran over to her Fans, taking Photos and signing Autographs with every single one of them, while her Handler stood there looking like a Poor-Sport. Not only was I proud of her, but I was proud to have witnessed that moment.

I have my share of Critics who will never see me as any more than just a "Celebrity Stalker" and regardless what they think, at the end of the day my heart always is with the Fans and the respectful treatment of them as there is an unsaid perception that anyone standing around waiting for a Celebrity is “riff-raff”.  Whether or not Handlers and Bodyguards like to admit it, indirectly in some way or another, it is the presence of Fans that pays their Salaries.

But really, there are too many names to list and I know I’m omitting a lot of deserving Celebrities...

Amanda asks, “How do you feel about Canadian actors leaving to go to America once they get famous?” and “Do you ever get asked for Autographs?”.
Hi Amanda! Good questions! I think Canadian Actors really have it tough. When they limit themselves to domestically-produced projects, they get criticized for not really being “a big deal”. When the lucky ones get opportunities south of the Border and base their careers there, sometimes they get criticized for being unpatriotic. They just can’t win. As is the case with any career, sometimes you just have to go where the pay-off is. Nobody has the right to judge you for caring about your own financial security. On that token, I feel Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling make me really proud as they have achieved that fine balance.

As for Autographs, Roger Federer once told me, “Picture is always better!”. I did dabble modestly in Music for a bit before I delved into Celebrity Blogging and signed my share of Autographs in my time. Nowadays I get the occasional Reader who asks for a Photo-with and some even insist that I take it as a Self-Portrait on their Camera so it looks like the ones seen on my Blog with Celebrities. I think it’s incredibly sweet when Readers ask and I would never say “no” because I know it only takes a moment and that person will remember that for a long time. Believe me, I know v. well what it’s like being a Fan and how it feels to be rejected by someone I admire (yeah, you Team Gaga!) and it sucks, because everyone should make time for their Fans. One stipulation - I absolutely have to stand on the left though as that’s my better side! LOL

I want to thank Brenda who was sweet enough to send over that Photo posted above we took together during TIFF!

John asks, "hey will...i've followed ur blog and twitter for awhile because its usually pretty original but lately u have been rehashing a lot of stuff from other blogs and twitter. hope ur just in a post-tiff funk or something and will soon get back to being original and fresh!".
Hi John!  I appreciate the honesty and yes, I am taking a bit of a Breather post-TIFF still to catch-up on Life, Friends and Family.  Despite my Celebrity and Pop Culture Obsessions, I'm actually a pretty normal and low-key person.  Thankfully, this is happening at a slower time in the City, but I want my Followers and Readers to know I'm still around.

News is news and like any other Outlet, I cannot guarantee that there will not be a bit of overlap.  There are some other great reads out there - some which have been around much longer than mine - and I encourage my Readers to be savvy and get their information from more than one perspective.  I'm not out to "monopolize" the Scene nor am I out to compete.  I cater to my Readers first and foremost and always try my best for them and see the World through their Monitors.  Keep reading and although I know your note could easily be misconstrued as an attack, I want you to know that Tough Love sometimes is the best Love!

Sandra asks, “Will I don't know how you accomplish so much. Do you ever get to sleep?”.
Hi Sandra! Thanks so much for recognizing my efforts. In a day we get 24 hours and after having successfully overcome Thyroid Cancer back in 2007, I learned really to appreciate each day and to make the most of it. That being said, during TIFF there were several nights I was getting-by on an hour of sleep and I managed only to have one minor Temper Tantrum (!), although I wouldn’t recommend that others do the same. I do it because it’s rewarding and because I know my Body can handle it.

Generally, I catch-up on sleep on weekends and am consciously making an effort to be in bed by 11:30 PM on weeknights.  Suzanne Somers would approve.

Rakan says, "I'm very interested in your blog (that's how all my FRIENDS an COUSINS know about it), your CONTESTS ("LOVE THEM"), and all your tweets :)".
Hi Rakan!  Thank you so much.  And thank you for spreading the word!  I think it's important to give back to my Readers, so definitely keep entering those Giveaways and keep sending me messages ...only on the condition that they are this nice! LOL

Jennifer Tweets, "will, you're the best!!! Seriously <3".
Hi Jennifer!   No.  You're the best.  Seriously! 

Keep 'em coming, Mavenati!


(Photo credit: Brenda K.)