Sunday, October 23, 2011


Monroe & Morccan Cannon
For those of you who missed Friday night's airing of 20/20, Barbara Walters interviewed Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon on her much-troubled Pregnancy.  For the first time ever, the World also got to see their Twins - Moroccan & Monroe - known also Roc & Roe.

Carey revealed details about a Miscarriage she experienced prior revealing, "It was really tough.  The main thing I did was tough. I went on Progesterone and I had to stay with it for ten weeks. It minimized a chance of Miscarriage by 50%".

Problems didn't end after delivering her Twins though. "I couldn't even go to the loo by myself", Carey admits after delivering them at 35 weeks as it was no longer safe to carry them any longer.  Moroccan & Monroe were delivered on Carey & Cannon's third Wedding Anniversary, with the proud Father cuing Carey's number one hit Fantasy during the delivery.

Carey & Cannon have different ideas for their Twins in terms of career paths.  Cannon would like to see them achieve Ph.D.s.  Carey admits "They are incredible but they really respond to Music", hoping that Music will come first before anything.

Watch the Segment in full here.

(Photo credit: ABC)