Monday, October 31, 2011


Phil Donahue & Anderson Cooper
Admittedly I'm still on-the-fence about Anderson Cooper's Daytime Talk Show.  Now don't get me wrong, I love him and think he was fantastic on CNN, but this transition into Guy-Next-Door territory with Anderson has been ...awkward.  And that's mostyle because he is an awkward Guy and proud to announce it on National Television.  He makes no qualms about going-on about his odd eating habits - he eats McDonald's more than anything and in his word, "Vegetables are pointless".  He also has a fear of spiders and heights; he even believes that his House may be haunted.  And based on that alone he's built the foundation for the themes of some of his topics thus far.

Today, adorable Anderson dressed-up as his Idol - famed Talk Show Host Phil Donahue - whom he credits as one of the founding Fathers of Daytime Television.  Low-and-behold, Donahue showed-up on the Halloween-themed Episode, giving his wife Actress Marlo Thomas a plug for her new Broadway Play Relatively Speaking.  He joked how he gets trampled nowadays by Fans who race past him to get to his Wife.  "Oh, we love you too Merv!", he is told often by his Wife's Fans, drawing laughter from the Audience.

Watch the moment below:

(Photo/video credit: Warner Bros./ANE Productions, Inc.)