Thursday, September 29, 2011


Still from What's Your Number?
As her Sister Daisy's (Ari Graynor) wedding approaches, Ally (Anna Faris) finds herself hyper-aware of her own Singledom.  With the help of her Playboy Neighbour Colin (Chris Evans), she goes on a mission to track down her past 19 Lovers as she questions whether or not any of them might have been "the one who got away".  As Colin and Ally get to know one another, might it be that the v. one they were looking for all along is actually right before their eyes?

Director Mark Mylod, who has made a career out of many successful turns on Television Series like Entourage and United States of Tara, get lots to work with in What's Your Number?, from the super-talented Faris.  The Comedic Genius shows more of a soft side (without foregoing the laughs) here as an addition her repertoire of quirky, often-ditzy Blondes, whom we've grown to know and love over the years.  And wait til you see her BORAT impression.  I was unable to contain my outburst of cackling!

Despite some obvious gaffes in this Adapted Screenplay, such as Ally's half-hearted foray into a career in Sculpture-making and some barely-there attempts at building some push-and-pull in the looming Love Story between Ally and Colin, there never really is a doubt that things will work-out between them even with the presence of a viable Suitor in Eddie (Oliver Jackson-Cohen).  That being said, Faris and Evans are magical together still.  And if all else fails, there is a copious display of Evans' incredibly-ripped physique to satisfy the Rom-Com's obviously Female target audience.   

What's Your Number hits theatres on September 30, 2011 via 20th Century Fox Canada and I dare you not to love Faris allover again.

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