Friday, September 9, 2011


Ryan Gosling in Toronto - September 2011
Ahh... The one you've all been waiting for! Receiving a Hero's Welcome upon arriving back in Toronto from Los Angeles (on the same flight Marisa Tomei), Ryan Gosling is on-the-verge of something huge with two highly-buzzed Films this Fall. Drive and The Ides of March premiering at TIFF this weekend and everyone seems to be talking about how powerful his performances are in both.

Despite being surrounded by hoards of Fans, he still took the time and handled the situation like a true Professional, signing up a storm of Autographs and keeping them all back at a safe distance when things got a little unruly.  "What are you guys going to do with all of these?", he asked.  I replied to him "Does it matter?  Your true Fans will get these somehow!", which seemed to satisfy him.  I was able to nab one for you, Mavenati.  When things calm down a bit, I will package this together with the Novel Drive and offer it as a Giveaway so stay tuned!

Gosling = amazing.  You can catch him Friday night at Roy Thomson Hall for The Ides of March's Premiere, while on Saturday you will be able to find Gosling at Ryerson Theatre for Drive.  I will be there for the latter and am anxious to share my thoughts on it!  Will this be his year at the OscarsBet on it.

See more Photos of our new favourite Canadian below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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