Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Justin Long & Mr. Will-W.
Making another appearance at TIFF this year is Funnyman Justin Long who by fluke I came across on his way to his Ryerson Theatre Premiere for Ten Year. Long is said to have spent some time with his Good Friend Scott Speedman who I ran into a day prior. And coincidentally, I ran into another two of Long's Co-stars, Kate Mara and Max Minghella on the street also. It was so meant to be!

Long was kind enough to roll down his window for me and pose for a quick Photo, while one member of the Mavenati, Brenda, was sweet enough to snap the moment!

There still is no firm release date for Ten Year, with its All-star Cast of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Ron Livingston, Rosario Dawson and more.


  1. Went to that premiere last night. It was my first and probably only TIFF film ever. It was a great movie. Jason Reitman sat in front of me and almost the whole cast was there (minus Rosario and a few others). Scott Speedman was also in the audience.

  2. I went to this premiere too, also my first TIFF experience, and ended up unexpectedly meeting Justin over the barrier of the red carpet. It’s no surprise he was kind enough to pose for a quick pic with you, Mr Will-W. Justin’s a bit of an idol of mine for just that reason (I’m afraid I lost all ability to hold my camera and told him that how nice he is to everyone he meets is my favourite thing about him, sounding like a stalker of some sort – he was still completely patient and kind enough for both a not-so-quick photo and an autograph). I just admire him so thoroughly as a professional. He treats everyone, from his fans to the critics and paps, with respect and human courtesy - even those times he’s not getting it in return. Go Justin! Keep being your inspiring, down to earth self!

    Ten Year was sweet and well executed and I hope it finds its vehicle. What an awesome night, TIFF is so great for Toronto – even if I did come off like bit of a lame-o. :)