Sunday, September 11, 2011


Chloe Moretz & Mr. Will-W.
The unmistakably talented 14 year-old Chloë Moretz made me a promise over Twitter the other day to take a Snap with me today and she followed through, remembering exactly who I was.  Despite there being hoards of people waiting for both her and George Clooney to exit their shared venue, Moretz still was wonderful, taking the time to greet as many Fans as possible.

Although I did see Hick today, personally it failed to meet my expectations in terms of believability, Moretz herself stepped-up to the challenges of her role and I am a true champion of her potential.  Unfortunately, Blake Lively did not visit the City as confirmed a few weeks back and Juliette Lewis, surprisingly didn't take the stage during the Q&A attended also by Co-star Eddie Redmayne following the Premiere at Winter Garden TheatreLewis can however v. much be found around as she continues to film NBC's The Firm in the City til early next year.

Moretz can next be seen in Martin Scorcese's Hugo due November 23, 2011.

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)

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  1. I'd really love to meet Chloe! (I live in Toronto) She's currently filming Carrie here and it would be a dream come true. Please help!