Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Still from J Edgar
We already know who the Highest-Paid Actresses are according to Forbes, but they've now announced their list of Hollywood's five Highest-Earning Actors for the year ending May 1, 2011

 The Top Five are as follows:

1. Leonardo DiCaprio $77 million
2. Johnny Depp $55 million
3. Adam Sandler $40 million
4. Will Smith $36 million
5. Tom Hanks $35 million

Following in the tradition of releasing his Movies later in the year, Clint Eastwood will release J Edgar starring DiCaprio on November 9, 2011 via Warner Bros.  

The Biopic will be DiCaprio's most daring role to date as FBI Director J Edgar Hoover, a closeted Homosexual with a penchant for Scandal. Should be sizzling!

See the complete list of Highest-Earning Actors on Forbes' official site.

(Photo credit: Warner Bros.)

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