Tuesday, August 2, 2011


John Stamos
Full House Hunk John Stamos is set to arrive in Toronto next week! Yes! The Singer/Actor who recently was seen on FOX's Glee will begin production on a new Lifetime Television Movie, Secrets of Eden, based upon the Novel by Chris Behjalians

Stamos will be playing Reverend Stephen Drew, suspected of murdering Alice Hayward shortly after her Child is baptized. He connects with Heather, who writes Inspirational Novels about Angels and soon they form a bond of friendship. We learn that Alice had made some secret revelations to Stephen before she was killed by her abusive Husband, which only Stephen knew. Sounds juicy!

Filming begins August 8, 2011 and wraps September 1, 2011.

Keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to Jason for the heads-up!  My Readers/Followers are #1!

Additional casting details to come soon...

(Photo credit: People Magazine)


  1. Oh, my God.
    He is very talented and intelligent. Oh and besides, he's so attractive ... but that's obvious. I see him in that series now.

  2. john is very nice i got him when he was in town last time. and i would say if you see him give him a hug

  3. He's soooooooooo HOT!!! If you want to see him go to unionville they are filming there!!!!!!!!1 BTW he's sooooooooooooooooo HOT

  4. OMG isnt John Stamos soooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!!! Oh and thanks for telling me where he is im going to unionville and im gonnna get his autograph and a hug and picture!!!!Im on my way to unionville! Just kidding "laughs"! But im serious im gonna convince my mom too take me to unionville!! Tomorrow at 12:46 to be exact my mom said! Omg im going to meet John Stamos YAY!Im going towatch shows John Stamos starred in right now !!!!!! Wish me luck meeting John Stamos!!!!

  5. I saw Secrets of Eden and was impressed not only with his acting but the show itself was part Hitchcock and part Twilight Zone with flashbacks - congrats - it was one you will not want to miss. Loved it. Want more of this kind.

  6. I missed the movie secres of Eden It didn' show when it was supposed to locally. When will ti be back on