Sunday, August 14, 2011


Cool Hand Luc
I love Ice Cream and it sure gets me excited when I discover the good stuff. Cool Hand Luc just opened two months ago here in Toronto and is located on King St. West, just a little east of Bathurst St.   What drew me to it was my seeing an ex-Fling walk down King St. devouring an Ice Cream Cone with a big smile and the funny thing is, I only cared about the Ice Cream.  Curious, I followed along the trail up the road and after walking a couple blocks, finally I found the sought-after Ice Cream Shop! Immediately, I was charmed by the Store's cute Décor. Dimly-lit with a large Cartoon Mural which reminded me of happy times.

Banana Split
I was impressed with the variety of flavours available, divided by Ice Creams and Sorbets.  Ice Cream varieties like Bear Paw (Chocolate, Caramel, Cashews), Black Forest (Chocolate, Cherries), Birthday Cake, Banana Split (Chocolate, Banana Ice Cream) and many more enticing choices called my nameFlavours are intense and the chewy texture is satisfying.  Pricing at the mid-$3 range for one scoop is reasonable and no ridiculous toppings needed to compensate for a lack of excitement - just good, old-fashioned Ice Cream in the vein of Ben & Jerry's... maybe even better?

Although the website is still under construction, click here for more.  Cool Hand Luc is at 545 King St. West.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)