Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Consumers Distributing Logo
One of my fondest memories of growing up as a Kid in Canada was the Catalogue Retailer, Consumers Distributing. In a nutshell you would walk into the store, look at a Catalogue, write down on a piece of paper the Catalogue number of the item you wanted and deliver it to the Service Counter.  After a bit of a wait, your number would be called and like magic, your item would be waiting for you, ready to be cashed-out.  I got my first Walkman (what iPods used to be) and after a night of camping out with my Parents, my Cabbage Patch Kid (Dougie) at the Retailer.

After ceasing operations in 1996, the Giant is on the verge of a big Comeback here in Canada, I spoke to CEO Marc King earlier today who told me, "I won't give too much away, but more details are coming next week in a Press Release. Consumers Distributing however, is coming back.". And there you have it! Isn't this exciting?

A new Logo will be unveiled soon, but in the meantime you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

(Photo credit: Consumers Distributing)


  1. In 1977 my boyfriend bought me a promise ring from Canada's Consumer Distributing. It was a beautiful Opal in a crown like setting with diamond chips on both sides. My "boyfriend" and I have been married for 30 years now and I have misplaced my Promise ring. Nothing would make me happier than to be able to replace it. If you have any ancient stock OR a photo of it I would be forever in your debt.
    Linda Benish
    Hamilton, Ontario

  2. I was standing in line in November and i heard a young man on the phone and he was talking business. i had couldn't help over hearing and he was talking about Consumers Distributing coming back. i them remember last year sometime following this on twitter, so when he got off the phone i asked him how do you know so much about this company? i told him i loved the company and i worked there when i was young and he told me that he's the new ceo of it. i laughed and went yea right, then he said here is my business card. i had to google it right there in front of him, and my jaw just hit the ground. i asked why arent you on twitter anymore, and he told me because some people were calling the office all the time and then following him home and going to his door step asking for money and a job. wow what a crazy world!
    i was buying a coffee and he asked if he could pay for it, as he said its not too often he gets to meet someone civil... only if he spoke with my wife lol.

    to sum it up he said we are coming back but we have to play it cool for bit because we dont want to lose our fame like others have.

    sad thing is he crossed off his direct line number on his business card :(

    i have to say when he was in the parking lot getting into his car, my jaw dropped because his car was beautiful. i think his rims are worth more then my house.... he had 22" chrome rims and you could say his car was bling bling.

    i looked out for him everything i go to starbucks but never saw him again.

    the girl that works there knows his name and she said he comes in all the time and he is very nice.

    maybe he will give me a store when they open so i can say the samething lol

  3. There was a location on Sheppard just west of Kennedy Road - each time I pass that building I'm reminded of days spent with my parents waiting for that number to be called to pick up some thing they'd bought.

    It'll be interesting to see if/to what degree they might re-emerge in a modern economy.

  4. So whens the relaunch been a year and not even 1 location announced

    1. Have patience hahah... its been the same story from them for the past couple of years.....

  5. They have a new blog up looks very interesting

  6. The owner Marc King is a registered sex offender from Ontario who plead guilty to molesting his step-daughter and son.

  7. This guy is a scammer & he should be in jail for lifetime

  8. This guy is a scammer & he should be in jail for lifetime