Sunday, July 17, 2011


Weird Al Yankovic & Mr. Will-W.
Wish come true!  Often underrated, sometimes celebrated, Weird Al Yankovic is a personal Hero of mine and I was lucky enough to get the opportunity to meet him in-person finally after his Massey Hall show tonight.  The Parodist known best for his Remakes of hit songs, has won three Grammy Awards and sold over 12 million albums. You know you've made it if Weird Al has parodied you.

Bringing his Alpocalypse Tour to Toronto for two back-to-back shows in one day, Weird Al chose Massey Hall as the venue of choice to record his upcoming DVD.  His latest album of the same title was released late June, reaching number nine on the U.S. Billboard Hot 200 Album Chart - an impressive feat considering he's been in the business since 1976.  The Disc features parodies of Lady Gaga's Born this Way (Perform this Way), Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me (TMZ) and Miley Cyrus' Party in the USA (Party in the CIA).

Despite a really long day which had him stationed at the venue all day with Starbucks delivered to him, Weird Al had his Handler line up his Fans  devoting face time to each and every one who wished to meet him - a spectacular showing of generosity of kindness often not seen from Artists. Having followed his career since I was 7 years-old, I had told the Comedic Genius what a great honour finally it was to meet him and despite hearing this all the time surely, he told me "I know, but I appreciate it still!".

Watch the video for Weird Al's Perform this Way below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W./Audio content: Volcano Entertainment)


  1. Oh Will, I love love love Weird Al. I too have been listening to him forever. Have always wondered what he was like as a person. So thrilled to hear that he is so thoughtful. That makes him tops in my book. Again another great job will. Keep hitting them out of the ballpark and you are going to have so much airtime you won't have time for this blog.

    sincerely sandra w

  2. Everything I've heard about these shows says to me that the DVD is going to be great. I'm really looking forward to it.

    I'm not going to speculate on the prevalence of generosity and kindness among other artists, but it's absolutely typical of Al. Over many years, with all sorts of people, in all sorts of contexts, he's consistent. He's even polite to paparazzi.

  3. Thanks guys! He's superb. Normally all you get from an artist is a few autographs and some of the lucky get a Photo, but he made sure everyone had both. To do that after playing two shows back to back is almost unheard-of. Love him! Would love to see this DVD!

  4. so ask him out on a date will