Friday, July 29, 2011


Lady Gaga in Jimmy Kimmel Live
After having toured the world of late in support of Born this Way, Christina Aguilera Donatella Versace Lady Gaga visited Jimmy Kimmel Live last night and flat-out told him, “I actually don’t even like you.”. Jokingly, I think? Gaga made that remark after Kimmel (jokingly) asked her, “What if one of your Children grew up not to be Gay, would you love that Child?” to which she replied abruptly, “No.” with a deadpan face: one-part irritated/one-part kidding.

Gaga also confirmed that the fourth single off of Born this Way will be Mutt Lange-produced You and I, performing that Track along with Edge of Glory to ecstatic reaction.

Check out Gaga’s performance of You and I below:

Watch Gaga’s Kimmel Live interview below Pt. 1:

Watch Pt. 2 here:

Following the performance, Gaga ran outside and even climbed the fence, greeting Fans waiting for her, signing some Autographs amongst the frenzy! Lucky Monsters!

(Photo/video credit: ABC | Audio content: Universal Music)

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