Thursday, July 28, 2011


Still from Crazy Stupid Love.
Widely-regarded as one of the most anticipated Rom-Coms of 2011, Crazy Stupid Love. delivers every bit of promise that it hints. This complicated Love Story centers around a married Couple, Cal (Steve Carell) and Emily (Julianne Moore), who are set to divorce after she cheats on him with a Co-worker of hers, David (Kevin Bacon). This of course impacts their two young Children Robbie (Jonah Bobo) and Molly (Joey King) but Cal especially struggles being in his mid-40s and now forced to re-enter the Dating scene again. He lacks the social graces to be at any type of an advantage after marrying young and never dating anybody else other than Emily.

Cal comes across handsome Playboy Jacob (Ryan Gosling) at a bar one night and under that one’s tutelage, his life is turned around, undergoing a Makeover and projecting a confident approach with Women. Despite appearing better off, Cal still however, is lonely. Both he and Emily realize that perhaps a Divorce might not be the best answer to their problems. Along the way, Jacob meets vivacious young Lawyer Hannah (Emma Stone) who just might be the one to trigger a change to his Playboy lifestyle. Is it too late for Cal though and has he veered too far off-path that their Marriage is now irreparable?

I Love You, Phillip Morris Writer/Directors John Requa and Glen Ficara will finally get the recognition they deserve after some distribution ordeals with their first effort as Co-Directors last year. They do a fantastic job tapping into the psyches of these complex characters in Crazy Stupid Love., never letting us lose sight that they are all multi-dimensional connected by their hunger for Love. The Story tells with childlike innocence, yet beneath the surface are deeply emotional undercurrents and rich histories which bind these characters. Other than a couple roll-your-eyes moments late self-consciously veering towards the cliché late in the Film, this Rom-Com is near-perfect.

Carell despite being difficult to separate at times from some of his more memorable on-screen performances, gives us a bit more nuance here which we saw in 2007’s Dan in Real Life. Poignantly he brings out that deep-seated anger which rises to the surface when Cal’s world finally crumbles, proving he’s much more than just a Funnyman. Moore takes a flawed character and makes her forgivable, emanating radiance as always, although like Stone, she simply isn’t seen enough here. Gosling embodies the spirit of that Guy every Good Girl dreams of: handsome, rich, smooth and convertible and I dare you not to fall in love. Marisa Tomei can do no wrong as the emotionally unstable Kate making Crazy look Sexy.

The biggest revelations in Crazy Stupid Love. don't come the already formidable Principal Cast’s performances. New talents Analeigh Tipton as lovelorn Babysitter Jessica - who believe it or not got her first break as a finalist on America’s Next Top Model Cycle 11 - and also Bobo as the impulsive and wise-beyond-13-years-old Robbie, are both talents to be v. excited about.

Crazy Stupid Love. opens in theatres July 29, 2011 via Warner Bros. Few will walk away disappointed and it might leave enough of an impression to last into Awards Season.  Grade: A

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