Friday, June 17, 2011


Still from Edge of Glory
Premiering at an inopportune time, the Video for Lady Gaga's latest Single Edge of Glory debuted earlier tonight on Fox's So You Think You Can Dance?  As we learned earlier this week, Saxophonist Clarence Clemons featured on the Track, had only recently suffered a Stroke with Gaga having her little Monsters send out well wishes to him via a collaborative Video.

This early-'80s inspired Video sees Gaga climbing ladders and walking the smoky Streets of New York City all alone - simplistic and drawing focus only to her and her Choreography.  No Dancers, Special Effects, CGI or outrageous Costume Changes.  Just Gaga.

Although some will find it underwhelming, I think this Video was necessary, one for budgeting constraints seeing the lackluster performance of prior Single Judas and its mega-spectacle of a Video.  In fact, credited as Director solely are the Haus of Gaga - the People whom she trusts most. Secondly, Gaga has been under scrutiny for using Gimmicks to draw attention to herself and here she delivers a Product free of that.  I love it!  And I love that we see Clemons doing what he loves most, reminding us of his greatness despite the hardships he is facing right now.

I'll admit I was expecting Mermaid Costumes, Underwater Sequences and all that.  But this will more than suffice.

Watch the Video in full below:

(Photo/video credit: Universal Music)

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  1. This is my fave song from the album and I LOVE this video. I like that it is not over the top with dancers and gimmicks like most stars are doing. It lets you focus more on the music which is wonderful.