Thursday, June 23, 2011


Jessica Biel & Mr. Will-W.
Now who said Jessica Biel wasn't a nice Girl? She's totally nice! The Model/Actress after having taken a bit of a break is back and ready to roll in Sony Pictures' $200 million Total Recall reboot. Although most of her Co-stars including Colin Farrell and Kate Beckinsale came to the City in May in preparation for the Film, Biel only arrived less than two weeks ago.  The Blockbuster Beauty will be playing the role of Melina, one of two love interests to Farrell's Doug/Hauser.

Reports from Paparazzi and Fans alike who have met her here in Toronto have all been glowing on this visit. Some Fans recall having been snubbed in previous years at the Toronto International Film Festival. Seeing her today after wrapping for the day all blood-covered, she still took the time to come over in damp conditions to say "hi", despite an Insider telling me that the Set currently is on Lockdown, meaning  it is inaccessible completely to Outsiders.  "Okay Guys, it's gotta be quick", she told a couple Fans who waited all Afternoon.

Being silly, I pointed out to her "OMG Jessica, you're like all covered in blood!  Are you okay?", to which she joked back "Yeah, I'm totally covered!", which had her Handler chuckling.  She was gracious enough to sign a Photo for me too before heading off for the day.  

Some Moviegoers over the past weekend noted that Biel was seen out and about at Manulife Centre watching a Movie with her Buddy Farrell.  She also appears to be a big Fan of Kensington Market Eatery, Good Egg according to its Staff.  This week alone she has visited on multiple occasions already.  Keep your eyes bieled.

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