Thursday, June 30, 2011


Dame Helen Mirren, Prince Billy of Yorkville & Mr. Will-W.
Yes!  A meeting of the Royals! The Queen herself meets Prince Billy of Yorkville at long last!  Oscar, Golden Globe, SAG and Emmy Award-winning Actress Dame Helen Mirren arrived in Toronto yesterday along with fellow Thespian Jeremy Irons for the Black Creek Music Festival's presentation of Music Inspired by Shakespeare which took place this evening at Rexall Centre.

Taking my Dog Billy out for an evening stroll, I received word that Mirren would be arriving back at her Yorkville Hotel shortly and before we knew it, we saw her coming out of her Town Car.  And there she was - a vision of elegance - her hair like Platinum and skin sun-kissed, coming out to sign a couple Autographs and pose for a couple Photos.  Seen accompanying Mirren was her sister Kate.

Asking for her permission to take a Photo together, she obliged kindly, rather smitten by Billy as he had leaned in for a kiss.  Mirren pet his head - all smiles after a long day at work - telling him, "Billy, you're just beautiful!".

Earlier in the day, Mirren was spotted out and about shopping in Yorkville and even popped by Banana Republic on Bloor St. to peruse their Fashions before heading off for one final Rehearsal at Rexall Centre.

Mirren can next be seen in the riveting Thriller The Debt, in theatres August 31, 201 via Alliance Films.  Read my Review of it here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. I can't exactly place it, but she seems like she'd be a completely awesome person to hang out with. Did you get that impression?

  2. Totally! She's just a normal person at the end of the day who happens to have lots of Awards for acting.