Saturday, May 7, 2011


Jaimie Alexander's Tweets
Your first evidence that Robert Pattinson will soon be arriving in Toronto!  Actress Jaimie Alexander who currently stars in Thor, just arrived in Toronto on Thursday and Tweeted earlier this evening that she met none other than Kristen Stewart ....and also Pattinson's Dog, BearStewart was spotted just earlier this week in New York with Bear as Pattinson was busy doing promotional duties for his latest title Water for Elephants. Rejoice, Twihards and Fangirls!

Alexander however isn't listed as a Cast member for Pattinson's Cosmopolis, which begins filming May 25, 2011 Sony Pictures' Total Recall starring Colin Farrell however, begins filming in just over one week (May 16, 2011), so the timing seems right...  Hmm.  We'll soon know!

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