Sunday, May 22, 2011


Justin Timberlake hosts Saturday Night Live
Although it's sad to see another season of Saturday Night Live end, at least last night's Finale was a memorable one.  Host Justin Timberlake was joined not only by Lady Gaga as a Musical Guest, but also appeared alongside her on three Sketches.  And how about that Cameo from our favourite Sex Symbol Bradley Cooper, who I interviewed last week here.
Timberlake fully combined his talents to bring out the laughs whether it be dancing in a Beer costume in  a Drink-off against Kristen Wiig in a Tea Bag get-up, or singing with Andy Samberg in a continuation of their Mother Lover Digital Short series.  In the latter Musical Clip, both Timberlake and Samberg together with Gaga, sang about the sexy joys of a Threesome.  "It's not Gay when it's in a three-way", they proclaim - at one point parodying two Jacks and one Chrissy in an homage to Three's Company!

And despite promising not to sing, so to let Gaga have her moment, he still went into song and dance during his introduction, at one point serenading a lucky Woman in the audience on bended knee.

You absolutely must watch Gaga, Samberg and Timberlake's Digital Short below.  So hot!

Gaga was brilliant as always in her two and a half Musical Performances, including a Medley of The Edge of Glory which had her singing soulfully with her Piano before breaking into an electrifying Judas.  She also brought the famous Egg out for a rendition of Born this Way, which with her Band, Stage Props and Danseurs, was just way too big for that tiny SNL stage!

Shoot me if you will, but I still am adamant that Timberlake is a better Dramatic Actor than actually funny. But that's just my opinion!

Timberlake can be seen in two Movies this summer, Bad Teacher out on June 24, 2011 and Sex Comedy Friends with Benefits (from the same Director as Easy A, Will Gluck) out on July 22, 2011Gaga's Born this Way of course, is out tomorrow in Standard and Special Editions!

(Photo/video credit: NBC)

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