Thursday, May 5, 2011


Colin Egglesfield at Toronto Premiere of Something Borrowed
And the Ladies went crazyColin Egglesfield has found some success as a Television Hunk, but perhaps the impermanence of it all was a blessing in disguise.  Known best for his work on ABC's All My Children as Dr. Josh Madden and  more recently on The CW Network's Melrose Place as Auggie Kirkpatrick, Egglesfield told an at-capacity Midtown audience tonight, "This is the performance I'm most proud of.".  

Egglesfield arrived in Toronto this evening for the Canadian Premiere of Luke Greenfield's take on Emily Gffin's Something Borrowed - a classic in the Chick Lit genre which six years after its initial release is still a New York Times Best Seller.  He plays Dex, a Man torn between his commitment to marry his Fiancé, the outrageous Darcy (Kate Hudson), and also feelings of lovelorn for the humble Rachel (Ginnifer Goodwin)... Darcy's Best Friend.

The well-read Egglesfield who came dressed in a sharp silver suit by Simon Spurr, told the audience that he actually devotes time out of his busy schedule to read to Children at a School in Venice, California.  And if that weren't charming enough,  he went on to entertain the group, predominantly Women, with a Tom Cruise Monologue from Jerry Maguire, drawing loud cheers and laughter.  The topic of Cruise was brought up of course after one Female audience member noted that he resembles that fellow Hollywood Hunk quite a bit.

A former Model-turned-Actor, Egglesfield revealed that he was in Medical School before  Acting opportunities came knocking on his door. He admits, "I couldn't turn down an opportunity to act in a Movie with Kate Hudson!", when asked why he put aside his aspirations of becoming a Doctor. 

And for the question most Ladies wanted to know regarding his relationship status Egglesfield declared, "It's complicated!" perhaps sparking a collective sigh of relief that hope exists throughout the room?

Watch him field a Question below:

A gracious and patient Egglesfield stayed behind a full twenty minutes post-Screening to greet Fans, posing for Photos and signing Autographs one-by-one until every request was fulfilled.  And that's what we like to see! 

Read my full interview with Colin Egglesfield right here.  Is he a Darcy or a Rachel kinda Guy?

In the meantime, I'd love to give one lucky Reader this signed 5x7 Photo (below) from Egglesfield himself.  In the Comments section, please name for me the character he plays in Something Borrowed.  Your deadline is June 1, 2011 and one Winner will be drawn at random.  Good luck, Mavenati!

Warner Bros. releases Something Borrowed on Friday, May 6, 2011.  Watch its Trailer in full here.

Also, follow Colin Egglesfield on Twitter here.

See more Photos from the Premiere below:

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. Hey Will,

    It was great meeting you today!
    I'd love to win that photo!
    He plays Dex! Which rhymes with sex!

  2. Sadly couldn't make it to the premiere in order to deal with personal/family matters in Seattle, WA during a very difficult time right now, so it would be a welcome pleasure to win this pic. :)

    Answer is: Dex.

    And "Dex Knows" to make an impression (lol, playing on the slogan for Dex Directory services in the USA) with everyone he meets. I'v had the pleasure of meeting Colin once before and he is truly the most beautiful soul I have come to know as well as being my greatest inspiration ever just as Tom Lefroy was for Jane Austin (my fave author who essentially created the Chick-lit genre for which "Something Borrowed" has re-invented in a fun and fresh way)...coincidence? Perhaps not, as everything in life happens for a reason.

    Celtic-inspired Fantasy & Paranormal Romance Author, Marissa MacFae.
    "Timeless Romance with a touch of Fae Magick..."

  3. The answer is Dex - HOPE I WIN!! email is:

  4. DEX THALER :)!!

    Alice (

  5. Colin's Character name is Dexter also know as Dex we love. :D


  6. He plays Dexter Thaler! LOVE LOVE LOVE him!


  7. Will - I am constantly envious of your opoportunities that come along with this blog.

    Colin's character name is Dex Thaler.

    I really enjoyed the movie.

    thanks - Mark

  8. Colin plays Dex! <3333


  9. Dex Thaler