Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Tinie Tempah & Mr. Will-W.
Although we're still getting to know Tinie Tempah, he already has been stunning audiences overseas at high voltage. Born Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu, the Rapper who hails from South London just earlier this year had the distinction of nabbing two BRIT Awards including Best Breakthrough Act and Best Single for his Pass Out.  Not bad considering less than two years ago he was still unsigned.

In-town to promote his stateside debut from EMI Music Canada, Disc-Overy, Tempah's itinerary included Radio Press, a sold-out Concert at Wrongbar and above that, an appearance on MuchMusic's New.Music.Live.  The Album actually already reached number one on the UK Albums Chart in its original format last October.

It hasn't been all work and no play though as Tempah Tweeted today to his Followers, "T.O. what can I say... Last night was Epic! So Epic I can't even remember half of it! :-P Thanks for having me!".  He also is slated to make an appearance at LIVE Night Club in the City's Entertainment District this evening.

Tempah won over a fickle Toronto audience over last night without a negative Tweet to be found.  Concert-goers were not shy about taking to Twitter expressing their enthusiasm for his Canadian debut:

@bigwayne45 Tweeted, "Wanna send big ups to @TinieTempah for a wicked show 2nite at Wrongbar. Great energy...".

@morrisdave (Music Editor of Eye Weekly) Tweeted, "... i was at Tinie Tempah. amazing, FYI.".

@indreamswelie Tweeted, "Always been a big fan of what comes out of the UK and Tinie Tempah killed it at Wrongbar tonight.".

I caught-up with Tempah on his way out of his New.Music.Live appearance and I expressed to him how disappointed I was that I couldn't get a ticket to his Wrongbar Concert.  He did assure me, "I'll be back soon - don't you worry!".  He more than made-up for it though I must say as despite it being rainy, he was amazing to stop and sign Autographs for Fans without a rush, also posing for some Fans whose Photos didn't turn-out the first time around at the Taping.  A Class Act.

I'm giving away one signed 5x7 Photo (below) from Tinie Tempah himself to one lucky Reader who can list for me in the Comments section, their favourite Track off of Disc-Overy.  Your deadline is June 1, 2011. Good luck, Mavenati!

Disc-Overy is now in stores.  Order it on iTunes here.

Follow Tinie Tempah on Twitter here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. My favourite track off of Disc-Overy has got to be Frisky! I love the raw sound of the track, and of course, how can you get the "Ooh la la la la.." out of your head. Great tunes all around.

    I'm also sad that I didn't get a chance to see him live, but I'm sure he'll make it huge in Canada and will back soontimes.

  2. My favourite track is Tinie Tempah ft. Swedish House Mafia - "Miami 2 Ibiza"

    I love this song! A fun tune and definitely my summer theme song! As a Radio & Television student getting into audio production, I can definitely appreciate the intricate detail in this track!!

  3. Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner - Written In The Stars

    This song has been playing in my head for days on end. So amazing that I ended up learning how to play it on guitar. Maybe I'll release my cover of it one day :)

  4. My favorite album track is 'Let Go' when I get an album that I love there is always one song that I will play continuously while drawing / designing and this is it. Absolutely love it, it's a deep & very meaning full song, can't just play it once if it comes on shuffle :)

  5. Winner has been contacted! Thanks for entering!