Saturday, April 16, 2011


Oh, so that's how it it's gonna be, is it?  Lady Gaga Tweeted the Cover for her sophomore Disc, Born this Way just after midnight.  Looking like a Motorcycle Enthusiast's Pin-up Girl meets Pamela Anderson circa Barb Wire, many Monsters aren't sure what to make of it.  "Is it a joke?", is a common sentiment being Tweeted about the Nick Knight-shot Cover.

Ask yourselves this Monsters, does the above not look a little too elaborate to be a prank?  It somehow does fit the sound Gaga is promising of "Def Lepard-like melodies" and "Avant-Garde Techno Rock", I'd say. As always, Gaga is a genius and I'm sure somehow she will sell the masses on this.... and we'll find a way to love it.

May 23, 2011, Monsters! Enter to win a copy of Born this Way.

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