Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yes, that's legit.
Gush.  He's back!  Daniel Craig was spotted yesterday in Yorkville doing a bit of shopping in Hazelton Lanes.  One Onlooker (@sabcav) saw James Bond himself perusing the Fashions at upscale Retailer TNT BluCraig rolled into town quietly to do re-shoots for Jim Sheridan's Dream House for Universal Pictures.  There is talk of the Horror possibly getting a premiere at TIFF 2011, so don't fret quite yet if you miss your chance to spot him this time as he's known to be a difficult one.  No Rachel Weisz or Naomi Watts sightings yet though. *frown*

Woody Harrelson picked-up his BFF Owen Wilson at Hazelton Hotel's ONE Restaurant around 11:00 PM last night. Wilson was seen earlier dining in-the-open at Whole Foods after a taxing Bike Ride around the City which had Torontonians-a-Tweeting. The two headed to Drake Hotel for some late night libations and a smoke, giving Onlookers a taste of one of the hottest Celebrity Bromances this City has seen… ever!

One trustworthy source might have seen veteran Actor Malcolm McDowell at Starbucks in Yorkville earlier today. Although there are no Toronto Productions listed on his Docket, McDowell does have a Guest Spot on Vancouver-filmed Series Psych for the USA Network. Could it have been him?

With my own eyes I spotted Movie Mogul Harvey Weinstein exiting his Town Car into his posh Yorkville Hotel last night around 8:00 PM. Weinstein is accompanying his Fashionista Wife Georgina Chapman, here hosting for the first-ever Marchesa Gala tonight at The Carlu. Weinstein might even be joining-in on the fun with hosting duties.  Cute.

Young Disney Divas Bella Thorne and Zendaya turned a few heads at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards the other day and are said to be in-town filming a TV Movie called Frenemies for the next few weeks.

If you have any sightings, please send them my way!

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