Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Matt Weiner, Producer of Mad Men
In a devastating bit of news, there are rumours of AMC's Mad Men possibly being cancelled. Before we overreact, negotiations are said to be heated right now the network looking to boost profitability by cutting three Cast members and reducing Episodes further by three minutes to allow more Advertisers spots on the program.  Producer Matt Weiner who has been an integral part of the Show's success, vehemently is against this move.

The irony is killing me as this struggle sounds like a Modern Day episode of the Advertising Agency-centered Period Drama.  The Huffington Post has more on the ordeal which has halted Mad Men's fifth Season for now.

Hopefully sooner, before later.  The thought of Mad Men: The Movie - Sterling Cooper in Abu Dhabi does excite me though.  LOL

(Photo credit: AMC)

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  1. I am so happy they finally came to an agreement. I was really getting worried for a while there. Mad Men is SUCH an amazing show. AMC needs to give the writers all the artistic freedom they ask for.