Friday, March 4, 2011


Lily Aldridge & Mr. Will-W.
Isn't she lovely?  Supermodel Lily Aldridge visited Toronto yesterday appearing on CP24 and also doing an in-store Meet & Greet with Fans at Victoria's Secret - Yorkdale.  Although she's noted mostly in Tabloids for being the Girlfriend of Kings of Leon Frontman Caleb Followill, Aldridge is an accomplished Supermodel having appeared on spreads for Magazines: Elle, V, Cosmpolitan, Teen Vogue and Glamour.  Just last year she received those much-coveted Wings and was named a Victoria's Secret Angel.

Asking me how my day was going, I told her I was busy.  Telling her that I was excited to see Lady Gaga in Concert later that evening, she gasped "I'm so jealous! I appreciate you coming by to see me first!".  Bringing a Photo for her to sign, she declined telling me, "You see that Guy there (pointing at Security Guard)?  He's going to scream at me if I do, so I'm sorry!".

The event however wasn't given much publicity, which is surprising as surely many would want their Photo taken with the gorgeous Aldridge.  40 minutes into the two-hour Meet & Greet, she was given a bit of a break, allowing a line-up to accumulate.  I pity those who missed out!

Although she's rarely on it,  Lily Aldridge does Tweet and you can follow her here.

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