Thursday, February 17, 2011


At long last we are graced with the arrival of Britney Spears' eagerly-awaited new Video for Billboard Hot 100 Chart-topper, Hold it Against Me. Entrenched deep within Director Jonas Åkerlund's futuristic Mecca somewhere in the year 2011, is a Princess-like Spears who is faced in a Death Match against her Alter-Ego.  After a grueling battle in Stilettos, resulting in Multi-colour Bloodbath, a darker, edgier Spears dances her way Triumph.  Perhaps this is somewhat metaphoric of a re-invention or a shedding of skin for Spears?

Filled to the brim with Product Endorsements, the Video is v. telling of where he Music Industry  is today in that simply, Record Companies don't have the budgets to foot the bills of Music Videos altogether as in the  flashy '90s. Hence, these Corporate partnerships surface by the plentiful: Make Up Forever, Sony, Spears' own latest fragrance Radiance and yes, even Plenty of Fish fight for their share of screen time here amidst all the Choreography and seductive gazes from Spears 

And I like it.... for the most part.  Perhaps fewer Wide Shots and more focus on our Princess of Pop's expressions/reactions would have made this a bit more intense?  It felt a bit more distant than some of her best work, i.e. Toxic.

 Watch the full Video below for Hold it Against Me:

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Download Hold it Against Me here.

(Photo/Video credit: Sony Music)


  1. I like it! - It took until the chorus to finally get me excited and interested, but then it just goes absolutely OFF!!!

  2. Looks good, but why does she insist on dancing with heels all the time. She used to dance so much better when she would wear heels that were not so high or just shoes meant for dancing. I think the high heels also limits her dancing.

  3. NOT NOT NOT impressed !!!!!!!!
    expected something more like”never seen before”…