Sunday, February 27, 2011


Vinny Guadagnino & Mr. Will-W.
Vinny Guadagnino might be known more for his on-again/off-again romance with Snooki on MTV's Jersey Shore, but while some of his higher-profile Co-Stars on the wildly successful Reality TV Series have been quick to capitalize off their new-found Fame, he's been a little more low-key.

Guadagnino flew in to Toronto earlier today for a scheduled appearance at The Guverment Night Club tonight.  Often thought of as the "Good Guy" on the Show, he was spotted having Brunch earlier today with his Entourage at Fran's Diner across from Eaton Centre.

Despite wearing a pair of Sunglasses, his identity could not be concealed as he was recognized instantly on his way out to Dinner with Friends and a Party Promoter.  As he signed one shirtless Photo of himself for me, one Friend jokingly commented on his pose: "Man, that's Gay!".  Guadagnino replied by recalling the fun he had in Miami during that Photoshoot.  He then posed for a quick Photo with me, doing his signature Fist Pump, which unfortunately my Camera didn't capture in full.  But you get the Picture....

The Staten Island native is one of three Jersey Shore Cast Members in-town this weekend.  Co-stars JWoww and Pauly D are also here, while The Situation is set to arrive sometime next week for an appearance at Vaughan's Luxy Night Club.

So you absolutely have to see this controversial 8x10 Photo he signed, do you?  And you want to win it?  Of course, you do!  Leave me a comment with your thoughts on whether or not you feel Vinny should hook-up officially with Snooki.  One winner will be selected at random by April 1, 2011.  Good luck, Mavenati!

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(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W.)


  1. OMG YOU MET VINNY!!! So jealous! And no he shouldn't officially hook up with Snooki. He should hook up with ME!!!


  2. No way should Vinny hook up with Snooki. He deserves better - and cleaner - someone less pickly.

  3. Honestly, I don't really like Vinny and Snooki together, but whatever makes him (and her) happy works for me! :)


  4. Vinnie should definitely hook up with Snookie...especially since he love's to snuggle with her!

  5. Hell-to-the-fist-pump-NO! Snookie needs to find a guerilla and leave Vinny a-lone! Then again, I don't care! Pwauley (Pauley D.) is my absolute fave J-Shorer! GTL (Fist pump)...

  6. LOL.
    I personally feel that Vinny and Snooki should not hook up officially because it just makes them both better people. It's cute to see them hook up once in a while and it shows that they still care for one another by not fully getting together, because it can lead to situations like Ronnie and Sammi.

    They're better off alone. :)

    - Lina Antezam

  7. ^

  8. I don't think that Vinny should officially hook up with Snooki because he is still young and there is no need to be tied down right now!

  9. Snooki & Vinnie belong together!


  10. I don't think Vinny should do it because I think it will just end in heartbreak for Snooki.

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