Friday, February 4, 2011


The Bacon Brothers (Kevin - L, Michael - R)
in Toronto - February 2011
Yes, he sings too! Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award Winner Kevin Bacon and his elder Brother Michael performed a nearly sold-out show at the Telus Centre for the Performing Arts - Koerner Hall last night here in Toronto.  It is said that the Bacon Brothers manage to perform an average of 50 shows a year despite Kevin's busy Filming Schedule and many a Fan have enjoyed their brand of Folk/Country Rock.

Arriving at the venue quietly Midday for a Soundcheck, the Duo stepped out to Dinner with a Friend, walking along busy Bloor St. in a nonchalant manner. Spotted almost instantly, a group of Fans and Paparazzi came out in the Cold and began snapping away, while requesting Autographs altogether at once.  Visibly uncomfortable with all the attention, one Fan reported hearing Kevin mutter "Shit, shit, shit...", but still posed along cooperatively with Michael for the Paparazzi.

Kevin and Michael both then rushed off after scribbling a few barely decipherable Autographs.  As you can see below, their Signatures are mismatched.  Michael at least had an excuse in not wanting to sign his Autograph with a blue Sharpie on the dark portion of the Photo.  Kevin doesn't seem to care altogether, perhaps?

The Brothers returned back to the venue at 7:45 PM, just before their 8:00 PM (not earlier as per some Twitter reports) start time, incognito.  Kevin donned a Toque to mask his identity.  When asked by some Fans whether he could stop for a quick Photo, he replied "Not now!".  On their way out of the Venue just before 10:00 PM, they had Security Guards keeping Fans at least 100 metres away before they boarded their SUV and headed back to their Hotel in Yorkville.
Although there are few official reviews of the Concert to have surfaced online, a few female Fans on Twitter seemed to have enjoyed the Show.  @DebbyWatson called it "great" and @Kelly__Gilbert said it was "awesome". Some Fans were heard chuckling over Kevin's Tambourine skills.

One of Toronto's most respected and kind-spirited Celebrity Photographers Saul Porto was in the thick of it all and snapped a few Shots of the Bacon Brothers, which kindly he has shared with us - including a couple with Kevin scooting on by me like a Speed Bump. LOL. I've been spoiled by nicer Celebrities....

The Bacon Brothers do Tweet occasionally.  You can follow them here.

(Photo credit: Mr. Will-W. via Saul Porto)


  1. As celebrities go, I've never met anyone nicer or more generous with their time than Kevin and Michael Bacon. If you wanted an interview with them all you needed to do was go through the proper channels, (tour manager), and more than likely they would have obliged if time allowed. Perfect example being my own experience as a fan of their music and member of their Street Team a few years back I had tickets to a concert and thought, "what if I could interview them for their fans with questions from their fans on the website?" Just a thought, right? Would they do it? I thought, probably not but it wouldn't hurt to ask. I was floored when I was granted 15 minutes before their soundcheck. The 15 minutes stretched into 30 by Kevin and Michael themselves because they genuinely enjoyed answering questions for their fans and talking about their mention of Footloose either!

    I guess the point I'm trying to make here is don't try to corner them 15 minutes before they are scheduled to go on! Or when they just want to go out for a bite to eat before a show. Which is why I'm sure Kevin commented the way he did. Frankly I was surprised he was out on the street before a show and it's not a normal thing to see, probably for that reason.

    Kevin and Michael are very gracious, always gentlemen and they like to chat with their fans when time allows. I've chatted with them plenty of times but never when I knew they didn't have the time or energy. They've been busy this past month just getting back from a whirlwind tour in Europe and it's not going to let up until the end of February. So I'm just asking that you cut them some slack here. If they seemed brusk, it's not usually their way and only because they were pressed for time. They were thinking of their fans inside waiting for them to go on. That's all.

    So next time, and I know they love to play in Toronto so there will be a next time, set something up ahead of time or get in on a meet and greet which they also frequently set aside time to do.

  2. Hi Mo,

    Thanks for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me:)

    To clarify a couple things though, a few of us waited around 4:00 PM for him to arrive. Finally when he stepped out to Dinner at 6, there were only a few requests for Autographs and Photos. He scribbled a few signatures, took one Photo with a Fan and walked off. It definitely wasn't that much of a rush as he had 2 hours to showtime. He could've put that extra one minute of effort in considering how it was cold out (-10 degrees celsius) and that there were only 6-7 Fans waiting.

    I agree if you want proper face time, there are proper protocols. This however, is just a simple Fan encounter. You shouldn't need an appointment or to book an Interview to receive a bit of appreciation and kind-heartedness back. Wouldn't you agree on this in the v. least?

    I understand he probably gets stopped everyday, but if he wanted anonymity, he shouldn't have walked on one of the most busy streets in Toronto at rush hour!

    And to deny the same few people waiting a quick Photo on his way back to the Venue after they waited almost 4 hours in the Cold by that point. Come on, now.... Heck, even offer a group photo if you're in a rush. Nobody's that much above their Fans!

  3. So, a celebrity is in town for a charity concert with his equally successful brother and he dares to go out in public on his way to meet a friend for dinner? The nerve!!!

    While I can understand a fan's disappointment or frustration in not being able to secure a photo after waiting in the cold for said celebrity, one must realize that celebrities are REAL people with real commitments. No one knows what kind of schedule these men were on and to attack them in this fashion is simply unfair.

    I have had the pleasure of enjoying Michael and Kevin's company on many occasions and I have seen them posing for photos and signing autographs out in the cold after a concert nearly every single time (those signatures, by the way are authentic, and not "rushed"). Those security guards are the ones rushing them, not Michael and Kevin themselves.

    How nice it would have been if you had written about the charity that they were in town supporting, or actually buying a ticket to hear how they sound for yourself. Stalking a celebrity and then complaining because they didn't "perform" to your liking is just pathetic.

  4. Ahh, yes. And Googling obsessively for feedback isn't "keeping a tab" or "stalking" also, right?

    There is nothing undignified or "pathetic" about being a Fan, KathyY. I'd like to know who the fuck gave you the right to prance on in and judge people in this manner? Seriously.

    To clarify, there were no "security guards rushing them out of the cold" in this instance. It was out of their own complete volition. They simply were headed off to grab a bite. They had two hours to show time. No rush.

    To show you care for Fans takes a couple minutes. Stop. Smile. Pose. At most it would have taken 2 minutes for Fans waiting four-plus hours for a chance to see someone they admire and support.

    Take care and congrats on the company you've enjoyed.

  5. I first off want you all to know whoever wrote this is ignorant!! Kevin and Michael Bacon are THE NICEST MOST GENUINE GUYS ON THE PLANET!! They enjoy chatting with their fans and they're very gracious of their fans. They're pretty involved with their fanbase as a matter of fact. And you know what? Maybe if you didn't HOUND them so much before the show, they might have actually been in a better mood. Before a show is a pretty stressful time, between traveling long distances before the show, sound check, making sure everything's in gear can be stressful and I'm sure they wanted time to go for dinner and chill before the show. I admit that it was inappropriate on Kevin's part to be like "shit, shit, shit". I'm sure you've been in moods like that too. However, that still doesn't give you the right to judge him, nor his brother as people. And you know what?? Michael Bacon is extremely nice too, he wouldn't do anything like that.
    I've had the opportunity to talk to them on more than one occasion. And you know what? I talked for a long while. If ya just GIVE THEM SOME GOD DAMN SPACE then maybe they'd have done the same for you. And for the record, I do have a few items signed from them and they're signatures are always indecipherable, DUH!! It's a freaking autograph!!! If you're complaining about their autographs then you really have some serious issues.
    For the record, whoever reads this about the guys, don't believe a word this moron says because he's most likely way over-exaggerating his experience and is probably just upset that he didn't get his way. Well lemme tell ya something buddy, you don't always get what you want in life, and it doesn't give you a right to talk smack on people who never did anything mean or harmful to you. Kevin and Michael Bacon are the nicest guys, and I encourage you to check their music out!!

  6. Hi Vanessa, my name is Will, in case there was any mystery. It's pretty much written allover my site, to answer your question "whoever wrote this".

    My post is not meant as an attack on the Bacon Brothers and if that's how you understood it, then I'm sorry if I've upset you on some deep level.

    I don't consider myself a Hound. I'm a genuine Fan and have loved many of Kevin's performances as an Actor. So believe me, I'm with you. I report things as I see them, play-by-play.

    Quite simply on this occasion, it wasn't pleasant and I'm sorry, but that's the truth. The look on Kevin's face in the Photo here says it all how he is capable of treating Fans.

    Please don't insult me and my Craft. I'm most often courteous to Celebrities and am proud of the work I do.

    If you've had positive experiences, then kudos to you. I wasn't there and am in no position to comment - just as you weren't there to witness this and are in no position to call me or others "ignorant".

    Thanks for commenting though!

  7. I don't think this post was rude at all. Will has every right to comment on his experience with the brothers. If they were nice to some people, then that's good, but if they weren't as gracious to Will & the other fans that were there...he has every right to say that. You have to admit, if you waited hours to see them and they rushed by you, you might be a little hurt as well.

  8. Vanessa,

    Firstly, that was uncalled for to call someone a moron for expressing their opinion about an experience. Try proving your point wihtout attacking the person, otherwise your argument just doesn't sound at all convincing.
    Secondly, oh wait...that's it.

  9. I don't understand what all the fuss is about? Will is simply providing us with a review of his encounter with the brothers, which obviously wasn't as successful as some of his other encounters. That is going to happen of course. But he was not saying anything rude about them. He was simply stating facts. 6-7 people in line is nothing. A little more attention to fans would have been nice.

  10. Again, thank you guys for commenting, but this recounting of Thursday remains unchanged regardless how many positive encounters you come armed with.

    I appreciate that you're taking the time to read.

  11. I'm sorry you didn't have the great experience that most of us have had with the Bacon Brothers. I would say the fact that it was freezing outside might have been part of the reason that Kevin and Michael were rushing (and why Kevin was muttering shit, shit, shit...since that is really out of character for him. In addition, please keep in mind that often the people waiting outside for him that early aren't fans who are attending the show, but e-bay traders that get him to sign stuff for them to sell online. Finally,2 hours is not a lot of time to have dinner in a restaurant and get back in time to warm up before a show. It is actually pretty tight. I know the fact that we have had positive experiences won't change the fact that you didn't. But maybe considering the circumstances (freezing cold and tight timeframe) you can cut him a little slack since he did sign things and didn't just totally blow people off like I've seen other stars do.

    ~ Diane

  12. P.S. - It looks like Michael was handed a blue sharpie and Kevin a silver Kevin's signature would look better on the dark part and Michael had to sign on the light part. They are also on Facebook (The Bacon Brothers).

    ~ Diane

  13. Get a life. Who stands out in the cold hoping to get a meaningless scribble or a photo with a celebrity? It's pathetic.